The Bonny Kingdom Development Foundation was born from a vision to drive rapid and sustainable development for the economic prosperity of all on the Island. The vision for productivity that drives fair income, job security, social progress and prospects for personal development is a shared community aspiration. The communities constituting the kingdom have reached a point of understanding where their common interests are now seen as paramount to other individualistic interests and the only way forward to build a strong future for all with many possibilities – this community development foundation shall act as the platform to achieve this vision.

Our actions and decision-making shall be guided by the following development priorities which have been identified by the community as necessary to grow and diversify the Island’s economy:

♣   Deepen Specialist/Technical Skills

♣   Revamp the primary and secondary educational system to support strategic Human Capital Development (HCD)

♣   Improve the quality of healthcare System across the Kingdom

♣   Provide ample opportunities for skill acquisition and capacity development For the Youths

♣   Build a vibrant tourism industry

♣   Build capabilities and partnership for commercial agriculture and aquaculture

♣  Explore cluster development opportunities (SME Parks, Enterprise Clusters, etc.)

♣   Pursue an aggressive investment promotion strategy

♣   Boost the growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises