We aim to become an international, best-in-class, well-run development agency, serving as a global showcase for wetland regions all over the world. This can be achieved under the guidance of an effective and all-inclusive Board of Trustees comprising of representatives from key stakeholder groups such as the local community, Local and State Governments, operating companies on the Island and International Development Agencies. Each stakeholder group shall play specific roles as thus:

  • Main community groups – to serve as the voice of the kingdom, ensuring an alignment between the operations of the Foundation and the developmental aspirations of the kingdom (based on social, economic and environmental needs)
  • Government – to serve as the voice of the government, stimulating mutually-beneficial partnerships with the Foundation in driving socio-economic development
  • Joint Industry Committee (for operating companies on the Island) – to serve as the voice of the multinational oil & gas companies operating on the island, ensuring the appropriate utilization of all funds and resources accruable to the Foundation
  • International Development Agencies (IDA) with focus areas on environment, fiscal policies and socio-economic development – to provide world-class technical expertise, resource mobilization and monitoring/evaluation for the implementation of developmental programs

Accordingly, a Board of Trustees is to govern the Foundation and will be composed as follows:

◊  A Chairman – Representative of the Amanyanabo of Bonny Kingdom

◊  Community representatives of Bonny Kingdom

◊  A representative of the Bonny Local Government Council

◊  A representative of the Rivers State Government

◊  A representative from a Federal Government Institution

◊  Representatives of the JIC; and

◊  Representatives from International and Local Development Agencies