Our aim is to become an international, best-in-class, well-run development agency that serves as a global showcase for wetland regions all over the world. We will focus on ensuring:

  • Good Governance: build a diverse, competent and well-organized organizational and people structure which facilitates transparency and prompt decision-making and fosters accountability across board

  • Local & Global Buy-in:  seek and secure commitment in the form of partnerships with credible entities to generate required funds and technical expertise for the successful execution of initiatives / programmes

  • Well-Qualified & Highly Skilled People: employ the right people with the right skillset into pertinent positions to ensure an internationally exposed, high-performing workforce which helps to achieve business objectives

  • Operational Transparency: conduct all business operations in a transparent, efficient and time / cost effective manner

  • Sustainability: conduct business operations in an economic, social and environmentally responsible and self-reliant manner