We shall function as the implementing authority responsible for executing existing and future developmental initiatives in the kingdom. Our primary goal is to engage partners and pool funds into a coordinated investment dedicated primarily to the social improvement of Bonny Island. This will be achieved by focusing on three (3) pillars

BKDF House

Our overall mandate is to champion and coordinate the socio-economic development of Bonny Kingdom in a systematic manner through  formulation and execution of developmental plans. Our priorities include:

♣   coordinate development efforts of all key stakeholders across Bonny Kingdom

♣   execute the updated Bonny Master Plan based on agreed priority areas

♣   Define and update plans / strategies for the socio-economic development of Bonny Kingdom

♣   oversee existing community development programs (BUC, BVC, Ibani Se)

♣   source for funds and partner with relevant stakeholders and attract new business investments through strong investment promotion