What is BKDF?

BKDF stands for Bonny Kingdom Development Foundation, a community-owned institution that   will anchor the socio-economic development of Bonny Kingdom going forward

What will BKDF be responsible for?

BKDF will be responsible for prioritizing, financing and implementing developmental projects as stated in the updated Master Plan. It will also be responsible for taking over and professionally managing existing community programs such as BUC, BVC and Ibani Se

Why does Bonny Kingdom need a Development Foundation?

The task of maintaining the greatness of  Bonny Kingdom requires the guidance of a world-class transparent institution to provide the much-needed technical expertise, resources and international network necessary for goal achievement/successful outcomes. This foundation will be built up to act as this institution

Who will govern the Development Foundation?

An all-inclusive Board of Trustees made up of suitable representatives from the Community, Local and State Government, the Joint Industry of Committees (NLNG and SPDC) and International Development Agencies will be responsible for providing the overall guidance and strategic direction for the Foundation