The envisioned state for Bonny Kingdom will be achieved through a focus on four strategic developmental pillars. We shall explore current and emerging opportunities that each pillar offers and identify priority areas in collaboration with the community

Strategic Pillars

Human Capital Development

We will focus on making Bonny’s human resources more competitive in the labour market, through skill acquisition schemes and improved healthcare delivery systems. This will in turn help facilitate improvement in quality of life, and increase the employability of its teeming youth populace, enabling them to compete for employment opportunities within and beyond the Kingdom. While the gestation period for gaining any direct return on human capital investment may be quite long, it is important to note that this will become Bonny Kingdom’s distinguishing factor in the years to come

Economic Expansion & Diversification

The goal of the economic expansion strategy is to diversify the Bonny economy from its current position of heavy reliance on the Oil and Gas sector to a future state where new non-oil investments are attracted into the Kingdom with a sustainable framework for partnership and development. This is particularly important for Bonny Kingdom’s mono-product economy base – the huge reliance and focus on a single industry is detrimental to the overall aspiration and growth of the community. The focus of the expansion will be on developing new industries across the Kingdom- supporting the growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, expanding its aquaculture resources, exploring its untapped tourism potentials and igniting the manufacturing sector

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructural development will cut across water supply, transportation, sanitation and waste facilities, flood protection and drainage. There are strong linkages between infrastructure investment and the key indicators of social wellbeing (access to healthcare, education, water, sanitation, etc.,) – these are critical dimensions that need to be tackled to address poverty challenges

Environmental Sustainability

This will cut across environmental protection, preservation and biodiversity – an environmentally conscious community is essential for quality of life. There is a critical need to develop and execute sound environmental policies to ensure the long-term preservation of the Island’s natural resources and its responsible utilization for economic and social benefits