The Bonny Utility Company (BUC) is the electricity and water distribution company for Bonny Kingdom.  Operating from Bonny Island, the utility offers high quality, affordable power distribution services as well as water treatment & distribution services to both residential and commercial consumers within its established boundaries of supply.

Currently, BUC serves over 9,500 customers (corresponding to about 90,000 people), essentially covering the entire island via its 50 km of distribution network.  It boasts of forty three (43) low voltage distribution transformer substations, a distribution grid that conforms to global utility standards and prepayment meters installed for each customer.

Since its inception, BUC has provided Bonny communities with more than 95% uninterrupted power supply.  More recently, it has provided the same number of customers with access to potable water through the construction of boreholes, tap stations and a water distribution network.

To maintain this top-quality service long term, a Sustainability Plan has been defined to transform the program into a self-sufficient independent entity. Key thrusts include:

  • Commercialization – Optimization of revenue sources as a means of financial independence from any single source
  • Community Ownership – transfer of company ownership from JIC to be held in trust for the Community by the Foundation
  • Knowledge Transfer – Temporary arrangement in which capable third-party managers professionally manage the company, simultaneously providing formal training and understudying opportunities for qualified community members to eventually take up critical roles in the organization