The Ibani-Se Initiative is a health care initiative and awareness programme located in the heart of Bonny Island responsible for designing and implementing activities to reduce the prevalence rates of the HIVI/Malaria/Tuberculosis endemic on the entire island.

The initial mandate of the initiatives was to coordinate a local community-led response to HIV/AIDS targeting the general population and groups at high risk for HIV infection, especially female sex workers, oil and gas industry migrant contractors and youth –  however. However, its scope has since been scaled up to include Tuberculosis and Malaria

The initiative performs a broad range of initiatives including HIV counselling and testing, treatment centers, prevention and support groups and capacity building but however, has faced significant challenges in delivering its operations, most of which portend a risk to the continued existence of the program e.g. dependence of a single source of income, lack of a defined timeline for program activities, lack of strategic partnerships, etc.

To ensure overall success of the program and ensure it is adequately empowered to deliver on its mandate, the priorities in its sustainability plan are as follows:

  • Phase out current health programes being run by the Ibanise Health initiative – HIV/Malaria /Tuberculosis (handover responsibilities to designated health authorities)
  • Transform Ibanise into a holistic and comprehensive community health initiative for Bonny Kingdom focusing on a broad range of health related issues – collaborate with partners who have demonstrated technical and implementation capacity in running similar initiatives
  • Develop a robust performance management process for periodic performance measurement and quantification of socio-economic impact on the community